Custom Sheet Extrusion

As a manufacturer, we offer over 70 years of experience in design and production of Custom Sheet Extrusion.

Color Hdpe Sheet

What Is It?

Sheet extrusion is a continuous process of melting and conveying the molten polymer in a heated screw-and-barrel assembly. The melt is forced to flow through a screen pack, then through a sheet die from which it exits in the desired width and thickness.

Airlite Plastics sheet extruders are specifically engineered to work with polyethylene and polypropylene resins and produce a very high quality sheet. We can provide surface finishes such as smooth, sandblast and haircell.

We also offer corona (electrostatic) treatment of the sheet surface to facilitate printing or silk screening. Our sheet has superb consistency of quality and is suitable for laminating, die-cutting, vacuum forming, punching, etc.

Airlite Plastics Extruded Sheet Capabilities

Materials: polyethylene (HD, MPE, LD, LLD), polypropylene (PPH, PPC), EVA

Gauges: .016” up to .25” thick

Widths: custom width as wide as 72”

Options: Corona treating, haircell or sandblast textures, poly-masking

Additives: standard colors or color matches available, Anti-stat (ESD), ultra-violet inhibitor

*Custom run to size or on rolls

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