Custom Profile Extrusion

As a manufacturer, we offer over 70 years of experience in design and production of thin wall profile extrusion and tubes.

Profile Extrusion P1A

What Is It?

Profile extrusion is the extrusion of a continuous shape or tube that can be designed in a variety of configurations. In the extrusion process plastic resin is fed into the barrel of an extruder.

The rotating screw pushes the resin down a heated barrel. The resin passes through a die which gives the final product its profile shape.

Profile extrusion is somewhat of an “art” and our technicians are skilled artisans in their trade and can take your idea from pellet to product.

Clear Nylatronsmall1Special focus is given to understanding the fit, form and function of every part. Our experts can help you choose the right grade for your application based on environmental and thermal requirements.

Nylatron12Small1We have grown with our customers by keeping pace with the ever-changing needs of the market. Our application of plastics technology allows us to provide quality parts, on time, at a competitive price.


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